Environmental Issues Committee


Mission Statement

As a representative of Texas A&M, we actively strive to provide and support:

  • Programs which enhance environmental education and awareness
  • Programs which reduce the community's impact on the environment
  • Sound environmental legislation on and off campus, in order to improve quality of life


Core Values:

Education - To bring forth and inspire learning about the pressing issues of the environment to facilitate action.

Initiative - To be at the forefront of progress: leading the nation in environmentally sound practices, addressing situations before they become problems, and in doing so securing a better today and a brighter future.

Commitment - To stay vigilant, informed, and steadfast to the core value of environmental activism.

If you would like to become a member, please complete the non-selective application below!


If you have questions about our committee, membership, or anything else, please email us at eic@tamu.edu

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