Aggies Vote YES!

Aggies Vote YES! Howdy! This page contains information about the referendum question on this spring’s ballot. Please read this information and vote “yes” to the referendum question this April 1st and 2nd. Thanks and Gig ’em! Please continue to the information about the referendum question at If you have questions please contact us or email! With the increasing awareness through campus, student groups have created many programs to decrease Texas A&M’s impact on the environment. Administrators, too, have recognized the need for more sustainable initiatives as seen through the creation of a committee to create campus-wide environmental polices and the hiring of a Sustainability Officer. There is still much to be done at Texas A&M. To date, nearly every campus in Texas is ahead of ours in their environmental services and standards. Through this referendum, we hope to create a discussion and raise the volume of student voice on environmental issues by showing through the vote that students would like to see issues of sustainability take higher precedence on the University’s agenda. By voting “yes” you are agreeing that services such as recycling are necessary and other projects, such as retrofitting buildings and granting more attention to energy and water conservation will not only decrease A&M’s environmental impact but your energy fee as well. By voting “yes” you will be showing your support for the University as they choose to make the investment in these necessary programs and services. What is sustainability? “For humans to live sustainably, the Earth's resources must be used at a rate at which they can be replenished.” Put plainly, sustainability is…

  • the big picture idea.
  • long term planning.
  • the effort to have a minimal, neutral impact on the environment.
  • durable, made for the long haul.

What are some examples of sustainable services that could be implemented on campus?

  • more efficient energy and water use, saving students money.
  • more recycling, both in access and materials taken.
  • retrofitting of buildings to use less energy.
  • changing of lightbulbs across campus.
  • alternative energy sources when available.
  • low-flow toilets that use less water.
  • catching rainwater runoff for use on campus.
  • landscaping that needs less water and care, that makes a positive impact on the physical environment.
  • efficient transportation, green campus vehicles, and support for alternative transportation in town.

What is the cost to me? By saying “yes” you are showing your support for the University to draw upon the existing budget and invest in these necessary sustainable services. What do we mean when we say investment? We’re looking for Texas A&M to commit…

  • resources
  • labor
  • time
  • support
  • recognition
  • priority

Who will decide what services will be implemented? In the spring of 2008, Texas A&M hired a Sustainability Officer who is working hard to improve overall sustainability on campus. The Sustainability Officer along with the Environmental Management Committee and Student Sustainability Council will asses the campus needs and initiate the programs that are most urgent and affordable. For more information visit the Texas A&M Sustainability Office website. How soon will we see the changes on campus? The first step towards seeing these changes is showing your support by voting “yes.” Once the student voice is united in the call for these services, the University will be able to move forward in confidence that the student body wants to see these programs and services initiated.